5 Must-Do Morning Workouts

5 Must-Do Morning Workouts

What is the first thing you do every morning? Checking the newspapers while sipping tea?Drinking water or hitting the gym? Well, whatever your morning ritual, making time for the gym is an amazing way to start the day. It may seem difficult at first but it is the best way to get moving.

Again, the best time for exercise depends on your daily workout schedule. However, most experts say that early morning workouts are the best for the body and have a bigger impact on weight loss and muscle building.

Below we bring to you the best early morning workouts that you can perform to kick start your day:

Brisk Walking

5 Must-Do Morning Workouts

Walking is one of nature’s gifts to us. It doesn’t require any equipment or gym membership, but rather just a pair of comfy converse shoes. Brisk walking is an ideal exercise for weight loss and can be done by anyone regardless of age due being a low impact sport.

Walking will not have a brutal impact on your knees, and neither will you complain of muscle pulls and other stress related injuries. Regular walking can help you curb obesity and related diseases including diabetes and hypertension. A 45 minute walk at 4 kilometers per hour will burn around 225 to 360 calories and can enable you to lose almost one pound per week if done daily.


5 Must-Do Morning Workouts
Kettlebells are single handed weights in a shape of a kettle filled with iron. They are supposed to be lifted in one hand or two. Dumbbells are different form kettlebells because they are uneven which means that you will have to balance the weight well enough for your body to support it.

Kettlebell workouts are a hardcore strength training exercises which are effective at working out all core muscle groups and are effective at burning close to 400 calories in 20 minutes. Kettlebell training is the best exercise if you’re looking to build your muscles. A hardcore exercise like kettlebells demand a full body workout which will in turn boosts your metabolism and increases your heartbeat. After a 20 minute interval of working out with kettle bells, you can burn calories equivalent to what you will burn in a six mile run.

However, caution should be taken prior to working out with kettleballs. Taking a class or two at the gym to acquaint you with the proper usage of kettlebells will go a long way in ensuring that you use them safely.


5 Must-Do Morning Workouts

High intensity swimming is an excellent cardio workout and can enable you lose between 400 to 600 calories per hour.  Each swimming style has its own impact on the body. However, they are all effective in providing an overall body work out.

Swimming is a low intensity exercise which provides the body with a full work out necessary for promoting weight loss, stabilizing blood sugar and speeding up metabolism. From the butterfly stroke to the dog paddle stroke, all variants of swimming are effective. Expectant women and patients suffering from arthritis and exercise induced asthma can swim since it’s the best work out for in these instances.

From the abdominal muscles to the back and arm muscles, swimming tones them all making you look slim and lean.


5 Must-Do Morning Workouts
Cycling is also one of the best exercises you can do early in the morning. You may either use a stationary bike for your workout or an outdoor road bike for this purpose. Cycling the proper way can enable you to burn as many as 400 to 1000 calories per hour. However, this too depends of your weight and speed of the bike.

Contrary to other intense exercises like running, cycling will not strain your knees or give you muscle sores. Moreover, cycling is one of the best cardio work outs that can be done anytime even when going to work.


5 Must-Do Morning Workouts
Not everyone loves running, but if you are one of the lucky few who enjoy running, then you can reap a lot of benefits from it. Running can burn more than 600 calories per hour in addition to toning your body to perfection. All you need is a suitable pair of jogging shoes in order to get started.

Additionally, the tons of benefits that running gives one can’t be under estimated. Other than making you skinnier, leaner and healthier, running also boosts your mood by releasing endorphins which are hormones responsible for making one feel happy.

Science has also proven that contrary to what people say, that running will not hurt your knees but will instead increase bone mass and slow down the bone wearing process which is happens due to old age.

Committing only 10 minutesof your day to running or any of the above mentioned exercises will go a long way in ensuring optimum health.

5 Must-Do Morning Workouts


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