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Garlic Fire Spray

Garlic fire spray is the stuff of legend. There are many recipes, but they consist of some or all of the following: garlic, chilli peppers, soap, vegetable oil, kerosene and water. Don’t leave home without this bug spray. Depending on its strength it will slay dragons and ants.
Prep Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Yield: 1
Author: Nightlight


  • blender


  • 2-3 garlic bulbs (about 6-10 cloves per bulb) (about 6-10 cloves per bulb)
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 3 quirts of liquid detergent (approximately 1 dessertspoonful)
  • 7 cups water (Use about 2-3 cups in the blender, and top up with the rest later)
  • 6 large or 12 smaller hot chilli peppers (any variety will do, or if unavailable try 1-2 tablespoon hot chilli powder)


  • Put the whole lot into a blender and blend it well.
  • Strain through muslin, a coffee filter or similar.
  • Pour what you need into a spray bottle for use.
  • Keep the rest in jars with lids on in a cupboard or on a shelf somewhere, well labeled.


Experiment with it if necessary and check for results or any damage to young plants. If it fixes the problem and your plants are happy, you’ve got the perfect mix, but if there’s still a few biggie pests, albeit struggling, then lower the water dilution rate or change the ingredient quantities slightly.