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If you are an avid gardener, you probably spend a lot of time in your lush garden, tending to your plants and enjoying the fresh air. We love browsing online and looking at gorgeous, opulent gardens.


Of course, we have to snap out of that daydream and return to reality, but we realized that with a few creative and simple changes, anyone could have a beautiful garden of their own. Whether you are looking to entertain, dine, or just admire, we have a few garden decor ideas for you to try.


Add Seating. You can easily add in a bench, or an outdoor couch and coffee table set. This will add an element of comfort to your garden space. This colorful bench Designs is an eye-popping and stylish addition to a garden. Once you set up a quaint seating arrangement, complete the look with some decorative patterned pillows!


Elevate Your Lighting. Depending on your own sense of style, your outdoor lighting choices vary. There are outdoor lanterns. For the sleek, modern style, there are simple hanging bulbs.


You can also choose to illuminate any walkways with some solar powered lanterns! The options are limitless when it comes to outdoor lighting, so you can really take this in any direction you choose.


Add pavers or stones. Adding pavers will make your garden more accessible. You can choose to go with simple walkway pavers, or get decorative with some more personalized design options.


You can also choose to use garden stones, but that is recommended to those individuals who want to keep the garden looking as “natural” and undisturbed as possible.


Create a Showcase Display. This is when the garden landscape can get very creative and fun. When we say “showcase display” we mean something that becomes to focal point of your garden, like a beautiful garden fountain.


Or you can take the more DIY route and create something like a tiered garden display or a vertical garden. A fountain will offer a tranquil oasis, while the vertical garden will be more of a “wow” piece. Any way you look at it, these kinds of outdoor displays are garden treasures.


Colorful Ceramics. Who doesn’t love a good pop of color?


Take this opportunity to find some decorative and colorful ceramic pots to add in to your garden. You won’t regret it!


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10 Responses

  1. Like you said, I have always wanted to have something grand be the focal point of our garden. I have been talking with my wife about adding a fountain and pond in our backyard to make it more exciting. I am still trying to get her to see my way.

  2. I really like your advice on adding some colorful ceramic pots to help bring something new to your garden. The pots with the intricate designs in your photo look so amazing; I’d love to have something just like that! Plus, I have a simple garden in my backyard, so fancy designs would be a really great complement to that simplicity.

  3. I really like the idea of including some sort of water feature. I totally agree that if you get a good one, it can totally be considered a treasure. I’m always interested in seeing how technology is going to affect things, and water features seem like something that could change a lot if the tech changes. I’ll be interested to see hat happens in the next couple years. I love the advice though, so thanks for sharing!

  4. It is really helpful to have so many pictures, this gives me so many ideas! I like the idea of playing around with levels in a garden. This creates the atmosphere that feels like it is overflowing with life and color. Do you have any tips for plant stands that I could buy? Thank you!

  5. My wife is thinking a lot about the summer, and how she is going to make our backyard great. I really like that you say to get lanterns to help light up the way! Since we love the look of old lanterns, this would be perfect for us.

  6. Rachel Lannister

    You advised adding pieces of bright colors to your garden. I’ve been wanting to add something to my garden, as I feel like it isn’t quite complete. I’ll have to look online for some cute, bright pieces of art that could really add to my very green garden. Thanks for the ideas.

  7. Frank Delaware

    The garden in our backyard is starting to look very bland, and we wanted to look into getting it some new decor. I really like your idea of adding pavers to your garden to make it more accessible! I know that I would want a path through all of it to make the walk easier on our shoes.

  8. Deedee Lewis

    I love the idea of “showcase display” for a garden. My mom and dad are wanting to re-do their garden and have been looking for landscaping ideas. I will be sharing these garden ideas with my parents.

  9. Amy Tang

    I really appreciate the insight here in this post and confident it’s going to be helpful to me and many others. Thanks for sharing it.

  10. My wife was telling me that she really wants to get some new decor for our garden, but we didn’t know how to choose the right stuff. It’s interesting that you say to choose lanterns on walkways to give them a timeless look. It would be nice to have all the pathways lit in the evening.

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